Social engagement


Our business model concentrates on the creation, promotion and management of infrastructures and services, focused on the development of sustainable social welfare in Africa and Latin America countries; with compromised and effort, respecting environment and local culture, promoting Security and Health at work, with technical and innovative foundation and complete social corporative implication.

Our activity is based on:

  • Solutions to improve the people quality of life, with special emphasis on professional and occupational technical training.
  • Projects related to the technological and productive field to promote the employability, innovation and economic growth, based on sustainable benefits and productive efficiency.
  • Comprehensive and sustainable development of the territory in projects that improve the infrastructures of drinking water and human sanitation.
  • Solutions or projects that improve people’s health and their physical and social welfare.
  • Consideration of the environmental aspects related to our activity in all the phases of its development, from the beginning to the end of the cycle. We are committed to protect the environment and minimize the pollution and the impact that they may cause to the environment, promoting the rational use of the resources.
  • Sustainability based on the processes of our company, with a focus on continuous improvement of our integrated management system, and our products and services, applying the client requirements and obtaining their maximum satisfaction, improvement of environmental performance and Safety and Health.
  • Promotion of safe work environment based on the commitment to provide safe and healthy working conditions to prevent deterioration and damage of health.
  • Promotion of teamwork and participation of people at all the levels of the company, in the planning and development of activities, facilitating the continuous learning to become aware of responsibility and personal commitment with project’s quality, environmental management and Safety and Health.
  • Products and services are offered to our clients according to their needs: project conception, management, construction of infrastructures, selection, logistic, and equipment, as well as training of professional staff who participates in the process.
  • Commitment to comply with the regulations and applicable legislation due to our activity and in terms of environmental management and Safety and Health, as well as other requirements that the company subscribes
  • Commitment of risk control for workplace safety and health, applying defined hierarchy of control to reduce these risks.
  • Cooperation with suppliers, creating relationships based on mutual trust and responsibility, promoting their implication in environmental aspects, of quality and occupational risk prevention in common processes.
  • Exchange of knowledge and search for innovative solutions in productive processes and management.
  • Internal management excellence due to the application of an integrated management system that combines economical, technical, environmental and social aspects.

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