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In compliance with Article 10 of Act 34/2002 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, we inform the user of our details:

    • Corporate name:BTD CAPITAL 12, S.L., hereinafter, the «provider».
    • Registered details: The provider is registered with the Commercial Registry of Madrid, on Volume 20123, Folio 141, Section 8, Page M-355281 1st
    • Trade name:
    • Registered office:Calle Arturo Soria 99 1ª planta; 28027– Madrid
    • VAT number:
    • Telephone:+34 914 318 244.
    • Email:

The provider, also the Website controller, makes this document available to the users in compliance with its obligations under Spanish Act 34/2002 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (Ley de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y del Comercio Electrónico –“LSSI-CE”), and to inform all Website users of the terms and conditions for use of the Website.

Any person who accesses this Website will be deemed a user, undertaking to observe and to comply strictly with this Disclaimer and with any applicable legal provision.

The provider retains the right to amend this Disclaimer and any information that may appear on the Website, without any obligation to serve advance notice or inform the users of their obligations as amended, the publication of the amendment in the Website of the provider to suffice.

This Website is not a source of advice, neither does it provide the means to set up professional or other relationships between the User and the provider.

This Website is set up for an unlimited duration.


The provider disclaims any liability for any information published on its Website and manipulated or posted by an unrelated third party. Therefore, the provider disclaims any liability for any loss or damage caused to any user or any third party infringing the conditions, rules and instructions established by the provider in the Website or in breach of the Website security systems.

The provider also disclaims any other damage that may be caused for reasons inherent in the failure or defective operation of the Website or third-party content to which the Website redirects the users.

Users may access the Website free of charge and for no consideration. Nevertheless, the use of the Website or the eventual provision of services that may be procured may be subject to formal requirements that must be met in advance, such as the completion of forms or contracts, payment of expenses or fees and/or prior acceptance of the applicable terms and conditions.

The User is aware of and voluntarily and expressly accepts that the use the Website shall be under the sole and exclusive responsibility of the User.

The Website may use cookies (small data files sent by the server to the computer of the person accessing the page) to perform certain functions considered essential for the correct operation and viewing of the Website. The cookies used on the Website are in any case temporary, have the sole purpose of a more efficient subsequent transmission and disappear when user session ends. Cookies are never used to collect personal data. 


The Website may redirect to third party website content. Because the provider is not always able to control the content introduced by third parties in their websites, the provider disclaims any liability for such content. In any case, the provider declares that it shall remove any content that may contravene national or international law, ethics or public policy, immediately upon redirection to the website in question, and report such content to the responsible authorities.

The provider disclaims any liability for the stored data and content, including, but not limited to, data contained in forums, chats, blog generators, comments, social networks or any media permitting third parties to publish content independently on the Website. Nevertheless, in compliance with Articles 11 and 16 of the LSSI-CE, the provider shall remain available to any users, authorities and security forces and cooperate actively in the removal or, as appropriate, blocking of any content that may have adverse effects on or contravene national or international laws, third party rights, ethical conduct or public policy. If the user considers that any such content exists in the Website, the user is requested to immediately report it to the provider.

Unless otherwise stated, any notification, request, agreement, consent, acceptance, approval or notice that may be required under, or in any other manner related to, this Disclaimer shall be recorded in writing and sent to the provider by mail to the address of its aforementioned Registered Office.

This website has been reviewed and tested to work correctly. Also, the provider has in place reasonably adequate security measures to detect the existence of any virus. In theory, its correct operation 365 days per year and 24 hours per day may be guaranteed. Nevertheless, the provider does not rule out the possibility of certain programming errors, viruses and/or other damaging components in the Website or in its server or that certain events of force majeure, natural disaster, strike or similar circumstances may occur rendering it impossible to access the website.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

The provider is the proprietor of the website, including but not limited to, its programming, edition, compilation and other components necessary for its operation, designs, logotypes, text and/or graphics, or has otherwise been granted a license or express authorisation by the authors. The entire content of the website is duly protected by intellectual and industrial property law and is registered at the respective public registers where required.

Notwithstanding the purpose for which it is intended, the full or partial reproduction, use, exploitation, distribution and marketing of such content requires written authorisation to be granted in advance by the provider. Any use not authorised in advance by the provider shall be a serious breach of the copyrights or industrial rights of the author.

Designs, logotypes, text and/or graphics of which the provider is not the proprietor and that may appear in the website are the property of their respective proprietors, such proprietors to be liable for any dispute that may arise in respect of such third party logotypes, text and/or graphics.

Provider DOES NOT AUTHORISE third parties expressly to redirect directly to the specific content of the website and third parties shall in any case redirect to the main website of the provider.

The provider recognises the respective industrial and intellectual property rights to the holders, their sole mention or appearance in the website not to imply the existence of any right or liability of the provider in respect of such rights, or of any support, sponsorship or recommendation on the part of the provider.

You may make any observation on potential breaches of industrial or intellectual property rights, or on any of the content of the Website, through the e-mail address shown in the details given above.

True information

Any information provided by the User shall necessarily be true. For such purpose, the User warrants that the information reported through the contact forms is true. The User is responsible for maintaining any information delivered to Provider updated in a manner such that it always reflects the real situation of the User. In any event, only the User shall be liable for any misrepresentation or inaccuracy in the information that it provides and for any damage that it may cause to the provider or to third parties.

Underage users

Any underage user, to use the Website, must necessarily obtain in advance consent from his/her parents, tutors or legal representatives, who shall be ultimately liable for any act performed by the underage user who is under their responsibility. It is the parents, tutors or legal representatives of underage users who shall be responsible for the specific content that the underage users for whom they are responsible access. For this reason, if any underage user accesses inappropriate content through the Internet, devices, in particular computer programs, filtres and blocks, will have to be set in their computers to limit the available content. Although such devices are not infallible, they are particularly useful to control and restrict the material accessible by underage users.

Obligation to use the Website correctly

The User undertakes to use the Website in compliance with the Law and with this Disclaimer, and in line with ethical conduct and customary good practice. The User shall thus refrain from using the Website for illegal or prohibited purposes, that damage rights and/or interests of third parties or that may in any manner damage, disable, overload, impair or impede the normal use of computer equipment or documents, files and any content stored in any computer equipment of the provider.

In particular, this to imply no limitation, the User undertakes not to transfer, disseminate or disclose to third parties any information, data, content, messages, graphics, drawings, audio or video files, photographs, recordings, software or, in general, any material that:

  • (a) contravenes, disregards or attacks the fundamental rights and public freedoms recognised by constitution, international treaty or other provisions in force;

    (b) induces, entices or promotes criminal, denigrating, defamatory or violent actions or any that, in general, contravenes the law, ethical conduct or public policy;

    (c) induces, incites or promotes discriminatory actions, attitudes or thoughts for reasons of gender, religion, creed, age or condition;

    (d) contravenes the right to self-respect, personal privacy or own image;

    (e) damages in any manner the credibility of the provider or of third parties; and

    (f) constitutes unlawful, misleading or unfair advertising.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

For the resolution of any dispute or difference relating to this Website or the activities conducted on this Website, Spanish law, to which the parties expressly submit, shall apply, the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid capital to have jurisdiction for the resolution of any dispute that may arise from or be related to the use of the Website.