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Our business model is centered on the creation, promotion and management of infrastructure and services focused on the development of sustainable social wellbeing in countries of Africa and Latin America; with commitment and effort, respecting the environment and the local culture, promoting Health and Safety at Work, with a technical and innovative basis and absolute corporate social implication.

Our activity is based on:

  • Solutions for improving people’s quality of life, with special emphasis on professional technical and vocational training.
  • Projects in the technological and productive field to drive employability, innovation and economic growth based on sustainable profit and productive efficiency.
  • Comprehensive and sustainable development of the territory in projects that improve drinking water and human sanitation infrastructure.
  • Solutions or projects that improve physical and social wellbeing and people’s health.
  • Consideration of the environmental aspects related to our activity in all its development phases, from the beginning until the end of the cycle, with the commitment to protect the environment, minimize pollution and the impact that they may have on the environment, promoting rational use of the resources.
  • Sustainability based on our company’s processes, with an orientation towards the continuous improvement of our Comprehensive Management system and of our products and services, applying the customer’s needs and achieving their maximum satisfaction, improvement to environmental and Health and Safety performance.
  • Promoting safe work based on the commitment to provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of harm and deterioration of health.
  • Promoting teamwork and the participation of people at all levels of the organization, in the planning and development of activities, facilitating continuous learning to take cognizance of responsibility and personal commitment to the quality of the project, environmental management and Health and Safety.
  • Offering our customers products and services according to their needs: conception of the project, management, construction of infrastructure, logistics and installation of equipment, as well as capacity-building and training for the staff who participate in the process.
  • The commitment to comply with regulations and legislation applicable to our activity and in the area of environmental management and Health and Safety.
  • The commitment to control risks to Health and Safety at Work, applying the control hierarchy established to reduce them.
  • Collaboration with suppliers, creating relationships based on reciprocal trust and responsibility, promoting their involvement in environmental, quality and workplace risk prevention aspects in common processes.
  • The exchange of knowledge and the search for innovative solutions in productive and management processes.
  • Excellence in internal management with the application of a Comprehensive Management system combining economic, technical, environmental and social aspects.

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